Serious Mobile App Development & Design for iOS & Android.

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Serious Mobile App Development & Design for iOS & Android.

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Who is Duff Lite?

We are Silicon Valley software industry veterans who have designed, architected, implemented and led development for world class products used by millions of people at Apple, Microsoft, Xbox, WebTV, Netscape, etc… Our team of strategic, collaborative, full software lifecycle specialists are constantly honing our craft and educating ourselves on the latest best practices and tools.

Our Services

We will partner with you to understand your business opportunities, assess current challenges, and create engaging experiences around your unique value proposition. We specialize in mobile and web applications, iOT, SDKs, API design and multi-platform solutions.

Why select Duff Lite?

With a larger firm, once the contract is signed, your project more often than not is staffed with junior associates and/or offshore developers.

With Duff Lite, our partners personally engage on every project from start to finish. We use best practices for creating world class experiences in every step of the engagement from planning to recommendations to execution.

We can either work in a staff augmentation role if your development organization is missing one or more key senior team members or scale your delivery capability by taking on a complete project from definition to rapid prototyping to iterating through product market fit to launch.

As former senior leaders at Microsoft and Apple, we have significant experience delivering projects with dependencies across multiple remote geographies and time zones, as well as negotiating and coordinating with our customers’ internal resources, external partners and customers.

We often get repeat business from long term customers who appreciate knowing that they will be collaborating with the same Duff Lite partners who are already proficient with their business requirements, existing technologies and processes.

Mark Young
Managing Partner

Specialties: iOS and Android, Meteor, Node, React, React Native, Redux, MongoDB, and SQL.  Linkedin

With over 20 years industry experience, Mark has worked for such companies as 3M, Microsoft, Netscape and Spyglass and as an independent consultant before co-founding Duff Lite. Mark is based in Austin, TX.

Larry Kenyon
Managing Partner

Specialties: iOS applications, software architecture, people and program management.  Linkedin

A thirty-year Bay Area resident, Larry worked 17 years at Apple and 12 at Microsoft, as well as WebTV, and as an independent consultant before co-founding Duff Lite.

Monique Barbanson
Managing Partner

Specialties: iOS, Android, deep learning, product management.  Linkedin

Monique has led software teams at startups as well as Netscape, WebTV and Microsoft. She ran the IPTV PMO, headed business development in Japan and delivered first party video applications on XBox. She is based in Palo Alto.

Brian King
co-Founder, past Managing Partner

Specialties: iOS and Android, security, video, embedded development.  Linkedin

A long time independent consultant, Brian worked for companies such as Microsoft and TiVo before co-founding Duff Lite. Brian is based in San Diego.

What We Do...

Mobile Development & Design for iOS & Android

Our services range from developing entire applications from the ground up to augmenting existing engineering teams to help bring mobile applications to market quicker. We have prototyped early-concept applications used to help secure funding for startup businesses, and have brought full-scale applications from conception to completion. We can start with an early concept and evolve it into a complete user interface and graphics specification needed to start coding. We can also implement back-end solutions to networked applications, or connect mobile apps to existing services where appropriate.


Good design makes the world approachable. We approach design with a user-centric philosophy, making interfacing with technology not just simple and intuitive, but memorable and enjoyable as well.

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Research the Competition

What is being done already? We don't want to re-invent the wheel, however we do want to be slightly ahead of the game. User behavior analysis and trends help inform how to position within the market.

Sketching it out

First the idea, then drawing a line around that idea, this way we can quickly refine it together.


Wireframes help define how the user walks through the app. This step greatly helps to see what works best before it gets the paint.


When appropriate, we will use 'live code' prototypes to demonstrate early iterations.

Usability Testing

We make sure our products are ready to hit the market before they hit the market.



We provide solid core development for native apps. Duff Lite will help provide easy solutions for companies both large and small to help make their business mobile ready.

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Development for iOS & Android.

Leveraging functionality and data to mobile devices, Duff Lite is a team of highly skilled and seasoned mobile app developers, offering back-end service for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Our mobile app developers are constantly pushing the limits of what's possible.


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